16 Fesyen Selebriti Hollywood Yang Dapat Kritikan Hebat (16 Photo) 16 Fesyen Selebriti Hollywood Yang Dapat Kritikan Hebat (16 Photo) | JIWA TAIKO SLASH

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16 Fesyen Selebriti Hollywood Yang Dapat Kritikan Hebat (16 Photo)

16 Fesyen Selebriti Hollywood Yang Dapat Kritikan Hebat (16 Photo)

Rompers [Cherly Cole]

Credit: WENN.com
You might, possibly, maybe . . . look like a giant baby.
Neons [Katy Perry]

Credit: Brian To/WENN.com
I hear from Gurl Editor Julie, if you’re pale your skin will reflect any neon color you wear. That’s like, neon pink dress, neon pink face–um, neon pink alien.
Halfsies Hair [Cassie]

Credit: WENN.com
Do you have the confidence to pull this off? Yeah, I don’t.
Platforms [Nicki Minja]

Credit: Stuart Castle / WENN.com
I cannot even wear wedges. These are a DEATH TRAP.
Wide Leg Pants [Katherine Heigl]

Credit: WENN.com
These look really heavy, sort of goofy, and like they’ll slow you down. It’s not the 1970s’ anymore and if I am going to catch the ice cream truck I need to be as aerodynamic as possible.
Big Floppy Hats [Vanessa Hudgens]

Credit: STS/WENN.com
We could go into the unfortunate tragedy of this entire outfit, but I’ll just say this: I cannot wear hats. I am pretty sure if I shaved my head it would be shaped like a giant cube.
Crop Tops [Miley Cyrus]

Credit: WENN.com
Damn, Miley, you’re killing it. When I wear these I just kill it. Dead. Over.
Thick Eyebrows [Lily Collins]

Credit: WENN.com
I happen to love thick, luscious eyebrows. Too bad for me when I don’t tweeze I look really, really angry.
Over-the-forehead Headbands [Paris Hilton]

Credit: WENN.com
There’s nothing wrong with looking a little Bohemian, but unless you have super long hair (which I don’t) you look kind of doofy.
High-Waisted Shorts [Miley Cyrus]

Mandatory: WENN.com
I’ve never seen anyone pull these off, unless they had legs for days. These just make us shorties look stumpy.
Patterned Leggings [Shenae Grimes]

Credit: Mr. Blue/WENN.com
My full thighs, just look fuller. My short legs, just look shorter. My legs look like pegs, people.
Peplums [Michelle Williams]

Credit: Adriana M. Barraza/WENN.com
Why would I want my waist and hips to look giant?
Harem Pants [Vanessa Hudgens]

Mandatory: WENN.com
Giant hips again.
Grey Hair [Tavi]

Credit: Andres Otero/WENN.com
Tavi is basically the only person on the planet who can pull this off. Me, on the other hand, I’d rather not look like an old lady until I am old lady, I’ll have plenty of time then.
Pointy Shoulders [Kim Kardashian]

Mandatory: WENN.com
I don’t feel compelled to look like a Disney Villain, though I understand the appeal.
Gladiator Sandals [Katy Perry]

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